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Cash Recovery Calculator

Using the Cash Recover Calculator, together we can identify the recovery potential that exists for you.



The potential volume also results from the following factors:

  • Unclear contract wording, IT input errors and incorrectly stored parameters often lead to incorrect rendering of accounts with suppliers. Communication shortcomings or unclear responsibilities are often a source of misunderstandings.
  • Departure by high-performers and experts or large-scale lay-offs can lead to an excessive workload for remaining staff. The introduction of new systems, a change in system and strong company growth are also a source of disproportionate errors.
  • Organisational changes, such as the establishment of a shared service centre or shifting this to eastern Europe or Asia, centralisation of functions or M&As are another important factor that can lead to frequent errors.

Tangible quantitative and qualitative results:

Our experience in different industries has shown that with an auditing period over at least three years the average error rate totals approx. 0.1% of the purchasing volume, i.e. significant six to seven-digit euro amounts are recovered depending on the size of the company. We can also identify further-reaching potential for profits (see also Cash Team Plus).

The qualitative effects of our audit should also not be underestimated.
After the project has been completed, you will receive a management letter specifically tailored to your company containing information regarding sources and causes of errors and in which we also identify additional potential to optimise your organisation and workflows. This letter is supplemented by ongoing intermediate presentations as part of a weekly jour fixe.

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