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Our services

For many years, Cash Recovery Team has focused on recovering valuable cash from suppliers and on uncovering and enforcing creditor claims. Some of our typical services are described in detail below:

Checking for duplicate, incorrect and multiple payments:

Based on a series or cleverly devised algorithms, we draw up around a dozen various standard reports. The next step is a comparison with the documents and this allows us to identify actual document payments both quickly and reliably.

Statement letter to suppliers:

Once unused credit notes, overpayments and other outstanding items have been identified, letters must be sent to all of the suppliers in question. We will also handle this time-consuming recovery step for you. If needed, we can also break down individual suppliers according to criteria such as purchasing and paperwork volume.

Checking supplier agreements with a view to terms and conditions not implemented or possible billing discrepancies:

This primarily involves ensuring contractual conformity of billing and complete use of turnover-related discounts.

Checking input tax:

We check all incoming invoices which do not show VAT or where this was simply not charged in order to ensure that input tax was always deducted as long as this is legally possible.

Checking for currency exchange differences:

Using currency reports, we can detect money transfers in incorrect currencies and recover any overpayments as quickly as possible.

Business intelligence:

Using advanced tools, we are able to conduct benchmark analyses of your data in order to create the transparency that allows you to make better decisions.

Contact us:

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How to reach us.

Cash Recovery Team GmbH
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E-Mail: crt@cash-team.com