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Our approach

Project example: How does Cash Recovery typically approach a project?

Initial phase

After the contract has been signed, data is first processed as required by our IT managers in close co-operation with your specialists: sample documents are inspected, creditor data is extracted and the data is processed using our audit tool.

Audit phase

This is when the actual audit is carried out by one or more of our professionals in the following steps:

  • System-based audit of duplicate payments, overpayments and incorrect payments
  • Account reconciliation with suppliers (statement letter)
  • Checking supplier agreements for incorrect billing
  • Input tax check
  • Analysis of currency exchange differences
  • Optional benchmark analyses or analysis of the procurement cost structure in order to create transparency and improve decision-making
  • Up-to-date result information while project is still underway

Completion phase

At the end of each project, we draw up a management report with all the project results (audit mandate, procedure and findings). This provides an insight into error sources and causes, opens up optimisation approaches for both the organisation and its workflows and highlights additional potential for profits by reducing procurement costs.

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